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Welcome to Etz Chaim, where Joy through Judaism is both a journey and a destination. 

With a single focus--Joy--through a single teaching--Judaism--the programs at Etz Chaim satisfy the hungry soul by nurturing our innate desire to connect to ourselves, our community and our G-d in a way that is meaningful and enduring. 

Simply put, Etz Chaim is all about joyful learning and living... forging a deeper connection to the soul and creating an ongoing opportunity to share our joy with others.  Call us today to begin or enhance your spiritual journey toward Joy through Judaism.

Joy Through Judaism


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  • Etz Chaim is an oasis of calm in a world of confusion and complexity.
    Bart Pasternak
  • Etz Chaim is not just about book knowledge; it’s about teaching a perspective on life. I'm amazed when I look back and think how much my view of the world and my role in it as a Jew has been shaped by Etz Chaim
    Howard Bernstein
  • As we travel on our journey of profound and ancient Jewish studies, Etz Chaim provides the personal touch at the levels we can both grasp. Thank you so very much!
    Sharon and Ari Sussman
  • I feel so blessed to have the Etz Chaim families in my community! They are very kind people and they are incredible role models. Etz Chaim makes for a beautiful way to live Judaism.
    Kim Decker
  • The emphasis Judaism puts on continuous learning and personal growth fuel my ever-growing interest in reconnecting to my Jewish roots. Etz Chaim's knowledgeable staff and various activities provide a safe and comfortable environment to facilitate such learning and growth. Yasher Koach.
    Dr. Daniel Tzabbar
  • The rabbis at Etz Chaim are helping to create and enrich the Jewish community in which we want to live.
    Dr. Randy & Gila Robinson