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Old York Road Community Kollel

What is a Kollel?

The Old York Road Community Kollel is an institute for advanced Talmudic studies.  It serves as a vibrant educational resource for all of our community’s synagogues and Jewish institutions.  Staffed by a dynamic team of rabbis, the Kollel aims to engage families in Jewish learning through strong personal relationships and engaging programming in a friendly, non- judgmental way.

A Kollel can be found in every major city in the world and has proven to be a critical factor in the Jewish growth of those cities.  In our own region, there are Kollelim in Bala Cynwyd, the Far Northeast, Bensalem, and Cherry Hill.  Now it is time for the Old York Road Jewish Community to have a Kollel of its own.

The Old York Road Corridor has one of the densest Jewish populations in the Philadelphia region.  With approximately 25,000 Jews in a ten mile radius, most of whom have only limited connection to Jewish life, this area is ripe for the dynamic Jewish learning offered by the Kollel.  Through innovative and exciting classes, individualized study sessions, community-wide learning projects, Shabbat hospitality, and popular community events, we aim to continue building community through the joy of Jewish learning.

Please partner with Etz Chaim as we embark on this very exciting venture that will inject genuine Jewish spirituality and joy into the hearts and homes of our fellow Jews in the Old York Road Corridor.

Please consider investing in this bold and visionary project.  With your help we can begin a new chapter in the growth and vitality of Jewish life in the Old York Road Corridor.  Thank You!

Learn more by calling contact gray trans or by emailing us.  We look forward to speaking with you and helping you attain Joy Through Judaism!

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