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Who We Are

At its core, Judaism is a phenomenal system for enhancing the joy in our lives.  Through its inter-twined system of philosophy, practice and relationships, Judaism offers an unparalleled path to meaningful living and lasting happiness.

Etz Chaim is a welcoming, non-judgmental organization dedicated to bringing this beauty and depth to the contemporary Jew.

Whether you see yourself as Humanistic, Unaffiliated, Reconstructionist, Reform, Conservative or Orthodox...
Etz Chaim sees you as Jewish.  No labels. No differences.  Etz Chaim is a home for every kind of Jew.

From the beginner to the scholar, Etz Chaim provides deep and passionate Jewish learning that brings genuine spirituality alive.  Our learned and experienced staff will show you the tools for attaining inner peace, real joy, and more gratifying relationships.

Learn more by calling contact gray trans or by emailing us.  We look forward to speaking with you and helping you attain Joy Through Judaism!

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